LOVE IN BLACK AND WHITE is the 3rd single from Christabel's debut album.
'OUR KIND OF PLACE' is out now in digital for Wave Records

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2022/07/23, Rome (IT) Traffic


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Christabel Dreams live Traffic Club Aprile 2022





CHRISTABEL DREAMS back to work as a duo: Emmanuele Viola (bass and synth) and Christian Gatti (voice) take the decision to start a new adventure, moving to new electronic sound, without using guitar.

'OUR KIND OF PLACE' represents a human being condition, who finds again his own ambitions, the dreams, the excitement and pride and accepts new challenges with the awareness of the passing of time, accepting the disappointments and broken dreams, but never giving up that extraordinary place where the fire’s still burning. These songs were written in the midst of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, but never tell these facts. This work could be considered a sort of secret diary, in which the author's experiences dating from the end of the first decade of the new millennium have been collected.
The ghosts of the past are starring in this work, the songs form the soundtrack of these stories.